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Bosny Rat Glue

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Bosny Rat Glue

Per Pcs Tk. 390-

Most Popular and Best Rat Glue in The World – From Thailand

Use a hardbord or plank having dimensions 8″ by 12″ inches. Apply 40 ML BOSNY RAT GLUEall over the surface of the cardbord except a spot on the centre.
A bait which rats have a liking is then place into the empty spot in cardboard
The sticking of rats take only a short while, the caught rats will give a frenzily scream, drawing other rat curious rats into the trap by the effectiveness of the BOSNY RAT GLUE.
Once a rat is cought, the rat’s hair which is sticking on the sticking plank should be burned. The sticking plank still can be used by adding more adhesive. To prevent the spread of any epidemic, the rats should be killed and burned in the ground. THE BOSNY RAT GLUE will not destroy the crops, as it contains adhesive.


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