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Permethrin + Tetramethrin+ Es bioallethrin

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5 Liter Tk. 3,875/-

Product: Permethrin + Tetramethrin+ Es bioallethrin
Batch No : ADEC201012
Date of Manufacturer: Jan’2022
Date of Expiry: Jan’2024
Net Content: 10 Liter
Country of Origen: INDIA
Registration Holder: ACI Formulations Ltd.
Gazaria, Voual Rajbari, Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Precautions: Wear hand gloves, mask and protective clothes when spraying.
Do not eat, drink, and smoke during sparing, Destroy the empty
container of ACI Liquid Insecticide (Mosquito Only).
Wash out thoroughly clothes and exposed part of the body after
spraying. Do not spraying in pond and ditches. Keep the stock
in dry & cool place and away from foodstuffs, drink, and children.
First Aid: Wash out thoroughly splashes from exposed skin and eyes.
Induce vomiting if swallowed. Take the patient immediately to the doctor.
Treatment: Symptomatic treatment is required.


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