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Mini Thermal Fogger MS-5000 Pest Control

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Mini Thermal Fogger MS-5000 Pest Control


The Insect Zero MS-5000 Mini Gas Fogger is a Fogging & Screening (ULV) Applicator.

The Insect Zero MS-5000 Mini Gas Fogger is a thermal fogger that is compact, lightweight and quiet to use. It is designed to be used conveniently at any place and at any time to exterminate insects and germs.

The Insect Zero MS-5000 Mini Gas Fogger is suitable for applications in may areas including;

Houses, Sheds, Barracks, Commercial Premises & Containers.
Domestic Premises, Factory, Hospital Pest Control, Hotel And/or Motels.
Industrial And/or Domestic Premises.
Kennels, Animal Living Areas, Pest Control, Milking Sheds, Mills And/or Food Processing Plants.
Offices, Poultry Shed, Public Premises, Schools, Ships, Stables, Storage Sheds, Store Rooms & Warehouses.
Small crop areas & orchards.

How does the Mini Gas Fogger work:

LPG (Propane or Butane – not supplied) is used to heat an element, and fog is produced when the hand pump is activated.
The fogger heats up a coil within a metal tube, causing the liquid insecticide solution to vaporize.
Vapor is propelled out (composed of hundreds of tiny droplets) in a visible cloud.
The Mini Gas Fogger can spray either a water or oil-based fogging solution.
Thermal Foggers are commonly used in the pest control industry as a fumigation tool.


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