FARAS CLEANING Maintenance and FARAS PEST CONTROL service company established in 2004 at Chittagong. This is a private partnership company. Having practical and technical experience in Germany and Abu Dhabi company managing partner started the company with four other science and economic post graduate background partner. As we come to provide our service, in a short while of time we become a lending private company in this field in Chittagong. We shown the difference with our skill and professional approach to the duty and the service we provide in difference atmosphere i.e. multinationals, corporate house and private clients.



We Provide Professional Cleaning Services

  1. Regular Cleaning:

Under a contractual agreement we do provide cleaning services at following places on monthly and yearly payment basis by employing our cleaners and supplying with or without necessary chemicals, tools and equipment.

A. Factories, B. Offices, C. Apartment buildings, D. Hospitals, E. Hotels and restaurant commercial building and other places.

2.  Deep Cleaning:

On any occasional or required necessary Clients call, we do provide deep cleaning services (Scrubbing, dusting, curing, washing, mopping, buffing, glass cleaning etc.) with our trained cleaners, chemicals, tools and equipment in a Lump-sum or Arial measurement rates basis.

3. Upholstery Cleaning:

We do provide any kinds of upholstery cleaning service i.e. Carpets, sofa, chairs and curtains in measurement rate as regular or per time basis.

4. Rubbish Cleaning:

We do provide rubbish cleaning, carrying and disposal services in a lump-sum rate basis

5. Spot or Stain Cleaning:

We do provide any kinds of Spot or Stain cleaning service on floors, walls, glasses etc. in measurement or lump-sum rate

6.Overhead and reserve water tank cleaning:

We do provide overhead and reserve water tank cleaning service in a lump-sum rate basis

7. Glass Cleaning:

We do provide overhead wall-cut glass cleaning service in measurement rate basis.

8.overhead wall-cut glass cleaning:

We do provide overhead wall-cut glass cleaning service in measurement rate basis.


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