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Chalkpara, Medical Mor, Mawna Union 1740•01401-020202
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Hotel Sea Crown
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Hotel Sea Crown is a Three Star Deluxe Hotel spectacularly designed and added with traditional hospitality of courteous, attractive and personalized service and is conveniently located closest to the Beach, Where one can enjoy the Sea, the Sunset and the waves of the Sea lying on the bed of our Hotel.

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Hotline: 01833331703, 01833331704 , 01833331705
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Hotel Sea Crown
Marine Drive, Kola Toli New Beach
Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Telephone: 0341-64795, 0341-64474
Mobile: +88 01817-08 94 20

Dhaka Reservation Office
Hosna Centre Suite # 209
106 Gulshan Avenue Gulshan Model Town Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Telephone: +88 02-5506 8951, +88 02-5506 8952
Mobile: +88 01833-33 17 02-06

Mymensingh Reservation Office
Shamim Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. 4, K.B. Islam Road, Mymensingh
Telephone: +88 02-5506 8951, +88 02-5506 8952
Phone: 091-52394, 091-65012